Hope’s Heist In Hawaii

Hadn’t Roosevelt, appeased, World War, away
To buy, a hope, from the, Satans three
In a, tacit truce, decreed, “Laissez-faire
To soon learn – “Wars, can’t be, wished away”!

As it, lazed blasé, on a, sunny Sunday
The Japs, waylaid, its un-pledged, peace
Inferno rained, from hell’s, doorway
In the, funeral of, hope’s homilies!

And the, Japanese got, beyond, their thought
Downfall of, a nation’s, majesty
Who’d learned, the lesson, it forgot
Hope, can’t be, power’s travesty!

And an ethos, rose from, belief’s stupor
When fear, laid bare, faith’s alibi
Hirohito, paid dear, so did, Hitler
For the, Hope’s Heist, In Hawaii!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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