When Pariahs Parade Their Pious Prides

With rainbow ribbons, and, shame’s shibboleth
They surface, from the, city’s womb
Their narcissism, long since, done to death
They shoulder, like a, living tomb!

Who rendered, them, objectified!
They ceased, to be, human species
Crucified Messiahs! Pariahs glorified!
They are martyrs, of their, passion’s disease!

What’s the crux, of their love; a cherished orifice!
They choose, to appease, their vainglorious vein
At the heart, of their, blasphemous bliss
Is the, fear of faith, in the, human stain!

Beyond the, prism of, world’s, ‘love-prejudice’
Twirl on, and on…, sin’s grooms, and brides
Cupid’s kiss, seems to be, Satan’s lip service
When Pariahs, Parade Their, Pious Prides!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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