The Motivation Mafia

Lest the, team begin, to dissipate
To the, buffet queue, with rubbed-up eyes
A spectacle, waits to, reinstate
In business minds, suave, literal lies!

Lo and behold, hard-haggled, raconteur!
Better than, the best, ostensibly
Their fears’ voyeur, serving, faith’s platter
Who harangues, to heights, optimism’s orgy!

Endless spells, of stupor, how long, do they last!
Until, awe of bewitchment, fades, to fatigue
And rationalists, see through, that iconoclast
The farcicality, of the, idealists’ league!

Phew! Phantasm of euphoria, ends
Utopia, dies in, dystopia
Pimps, piety’s pain, for dividends
The Motivation Mafia !

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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