Two Women Tethered By A Sin

In their, purple rain, drenched, two tootsies
Amidst outrage, of a, draught-struck town
Two ‘debauched’ souls, bound by, a ‘disease’
In the, face of, dare and, dread’s showdown!

Which faith, is that, which fear, ignores
A love, that defies, definitions of lust
As per, decrees of, human intercourse
An eve, craving eve, is, solemn disgust!

Yet they, dared not secrete, the color, of their creed
Their barefaced window, flaunted them, make
Those love antics, a voyeur-town, fancied
Within precincts, of their, minds opaque!

In the, battle of, pride and prejudice
Love was disgraced, for a, shroud of skin
Still, they found, their bliss, in the midst, of abyss
Two Women, Tethered, By A Sin!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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