Do Come To See Your Man Go Gray

Every day, a fiesta, of the fall
Every evening, a funeral, of yearning
Gathering, strewn rosary, of a, lost recall
Love’s pilgrim, drunk in, blood of spring!

Still stands today, your tomb, of love, lest you forget
You’d left forlorn, with a, lasting faith
A hope, hurts, beyond the pain, of a, sweet regret –
“You’re that, timeless wait, of a, lovelorn wraith”

Hasn’t withered, yet, your martyr’s, pride
Still a fury, sparks in, sunken eyes
Only, fades façade, you’d glorified
Echoes the truth, of a, myriad lies!

“Love transcends, laws of, senescence”
Is my conjecture, will you, prove today
Pay pittance, to my, love’s penance
Do Come, To See, Your Man, Go Gray!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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