Malcolm’s Message From Makkah

Who could, give piety, a political whim
Than a, black man’s, dual enigma
Fighting, with fear, a faith’s pilgrim
And a, skin’s slavery, to black stigma!

How minutiae, led to, spectacle, to revelation
Made a man, vacillate, between two states
Amidst, faith’s kingdom, and fear’s nation
A convert, strayed at, heaven’s gates!

From the torment, of, black existence
To the miscellany, of a, vibrant clan
For a, faithless past, in soul’s penance
Found new prejudice, pride’s new sultan!

For those, who missed, his un-penned words –
“Stop being, kaffirs, join faith’s, ummah
Be a, pigeon-holed herd, not racist nerds”
In Malcolm’s Message From Makkah

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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