Every Realm Is Drenched In The Tears Of Sun

May the phoenix, rise, from the, smoldering tomb
Of a shadow, raging, all the night
Lo and behold, blazing aplomb!
Of the knight, who bleeds, immortal light!

Who strews, pure love, in the farms, of faith
With the seeds, of dreams, in fortitude’s soil
From east, to west, wanders, fiery wraith
On a pilgrimage, of, passion’s toil!

From a, modest nest, to the, stellar fief
Who spins, unison’s, yarn, across
And burns, in the penance, of belief
To be, a star, where a cypher, once was!

Space-time’s paradox, to the, human ethos
It’s the laws, of faith, beyond, lost eon
Which nurture hope, thru, time’s chaos
Every Realm, Is Drenched, In The Tears, Of Sun!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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