In This Age Of Sin And Satire

They’ve reconciled; it’s more, than true
Our lies, and truths, God and Satan
Each antithesis, nemesis, in a, coup
Resurrects, from hell, a new heaven!

There is, no more, moral outrage
Every virtue, when, is a, virtual vice
A propaganda, is its, every page
New Bible, of our, pious lies!

Every news-flash, flirts with, politics
Only hearsays, barter, facts today
In the centerspreads, of cynics’ epics
Ethics, twirl naked, at sin’s cabaret!

Each façade, of, human ethos
Falters thru, figments’, quagmire
Every lie, revels in, truth’s pathos
In This Age, Of Sin, And Satire!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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