Living Martyrs Of Their Faith

Never ends, this, ageless pilgrimage
From estrangement, to The, Promised Land
Whose epic, writes, a faith’s outrage –
A Utopia, Made Of, Blood And Sand

From Judea’s fall, to the, Seleucid reign
To the, Roman penance, of pagan fear
Then the, endless debt, of Yeshua’s pain
Was more, than a cross, for a clan, to bear!

When Führer found, Final Plan, for that race
He had convicted, for the, German woes
Six million, vanished, without a trace
Between faith, and fear, when faith, they chose!

What’s left, of that, determined dream
A mirage, of peace, in the heart, of a wraith
Yet that, Promised Land, remains to redeem
For The, Living Martyrs, Of Their Faith!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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