These Wars Of Faith Will Never End …

The one, whose passion, kissed crucifix
Or the one, who waged, holy jihad
Baptized in blood, are faith’s, epics
Fear is, our God, in faith’s façade!

“Baghdadi was, no less, a Messiah”
Dare you, demur, this conjecture
Every prophet, was once, a pariah
Before he, wreaked his, dogma’s scripture!

Behold faith, render, fear, aghast
When men, contend, for martyrdom
To outclass, bloodbaths, of the past
To prove paradigm – “Faith is, fears’ sum”!

Until, fear reigns, faith’s caliphates
Many Satans, will appear, godsend
As we are, the faith, our fear creates
These Wars, Of Faith, Will Never End…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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