… Between Kaaba And Karbala …

At the altar, where the skies, wept blood
New faith, became, a sacrifice
Still blossoms, there, estrangement’s bud
Not the, prophet’s promise, of paradise!

How a massacre, made a man, martyr
When pardoned, by a, prophecy
Who wrote, with blood, in whose honor
Fear’s odyssey, defined, faith’s hypocrisy!

Two brothers, still fight, to their death
For a, wronged Imam; rightful Prophet
Ashuras, still bleed, faith’s shibboleth:
“Why an, ummah became, bad-blood’s epithet!”

Amidst, fractured faith; broken bloodline
Which passage, leads to, true Allah
Some pilgrims’ plight, is a, sin benign
…Between Kaaba, And Karbala…!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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