The Bane Of Twilight You Left For Me

For the, funeral of, shades, moribund
Could there be, a more, profound requiem
Than your psalm, in my rosary, imprisoned
That yearning, of a, dying dream!

Whilst sifting, thru the, day’s remains
As the, bleeding sun, dissolves in sea
I feel you, slithering in, my veins
Like the fear, in faith’s, love-rhapsody!

I’m the, smoldering soul, of unquenched sky
That strays thru, your thoughts, every eve
I search, your signs, in warm sands, as I sigh
“You ain’t, near, nor far, as I believe!”

Your remembrance, is my, conjecture
Of a hope, inked in, love’s misery
As I decipher, passion’s metaphor
The Bane, Of Twilight, You Left, For Me!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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