The Minions Of Her Majesty

What worth, are those, lost centuries
When world, gave in, to an, evil isle
The pain, of a, hundred histories
Sold to, a queen, by a, race servile!

Beyond, ethnic pride, and prejudice
Which make, a non-white, what white thinks
Is the, enigma of, evolution’s abyss
Wherein sin, of skin, stinks…and stinks…!

Some ‘noblemen’, still bow, with ‘pride’
To Her, Highness, with their, lowliness
Thus prove, that kingdom, never died
Which reigned, a ruthless, empress!

Lo and behold, queen-baptized, knights
Sanctioned ‘Sirs’, of, colonist travesty
Royal pittance, parade, such parasites
The Minions, Of, Her Majesty!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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