Our Tyrants Are Born In Our Minds

Doesn’t faith, of man, define his fear!
Wasn’t Goliath, indeed, David’s son!
Who invented, Caesar, Führer!
Outrage, in blood; raging semen!

Needless to, list down, all those men
With stony hearts, and, iron fists
Who wrote, annals, with poison-pen
Ain’t hate, convictions’, alchemist!

States yearn, for fear, when faith, doesn’t work
Prejudice is passion, when sold, with pride
By the, satanic heroes, who sprout, and lurk
In us, who love, hate, prophesied!

Power is, the only, absolute truth
Lest, we forget, history reminds
Ain’t they, our shadows, albeit, uncouth
Our Tyrants, Are Born, In Our Minds!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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