The Scandalous Business Of Sainthood

Colonists left behind, faith-founded, fiefs
Living relics, of, ‘white civilized race’
Fear fortifies, prejudice, of beliefs
Faith is, a façade, to hide, fear’s face!

Voila! Vatican won, its, quietest crusade
At the cost, of those, who lost, their roots
Pope plays, with converts, dumb charade:
“Faith sells, cheaper than, prostitutes!”

For whom, faith is, just a, ‘numbers game’
A mad rat-race, to grab, ‘infidels’
They baptize sheep, in bazaars, of shame
And crucify them, for, Vatican cartels!

Lest the faith, die not, sans invented awe
Resurrect many myths, where crucifix, once stood
May miracles, mystify, faith’s, colonial flaw
In The Scandalous Business Of Sainthood!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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