May AI Be Our Angelo And Mozart !!!

vikas chandra

What began, with, Boolean Algebra
Our digital, tryst with, cipher and one
Did Moore’s Law, found, man’s new Mecca
Or art’s holocaust, hankering, to happen!

Each effort, is worth, a trivial cost
When digital jinn, does, human chores
The beauty of, love letters, lost
To the, sin of, digital metaphors!

It sees, it reads, it speaks, it writes
How far, is it, from intellect’s touch
With the progress, in processing, bits and bytes
Shall art, be ‘artifice-al’, ever so much!

What’s a, Mona Lisa, with a, plastic smile!
Who’ll impart, soul and heart, to an, arid art
Will panache, lose to, man’s digital guile
May AI, Be Our, Angelo, And Mozart !!!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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