The Broken Road To Redemption

Why a soul, labored, beyond an, age
Chasing my shadow, thru, time’s trail
Life’s no more, than a, pilgrimage
Nor death, less than, hope’s Holy Grail!

With a fist, of faith, and a heart, full of fear
And streaks, of fate, crisscrossing hands
Amidst, two realms, hope and despair
I’m a milestone, where my, caravan stands!

Life ain’t, always a, lonely way
But, who are they, who, do not last
Those estranged, kith and kin, who say
I’m not, more than, worth an, outcast!

The one, I paved with, splintered dreams
Like the, rosary of, my conviction
I’m a, wandering tomb, of myself, it seems
On The Broken Road To Redemption!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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