The Penance Of Jurisprudence

Why render, her, numb, deaf, and blind
So stupefied, to, subjective sense
Should the, legitimate fate, of humankind
Be a, naked lie of, truthful pretense!

Why justice, seeks to, advocate
Conjectures, down, resentment’s throat
How a, prejudice can, adjudicate
By the books, of laws, ever learnt, by rote!

It had ached, to befall, all the while
A rebellion, in law’s, blind bastion
When a judge, baptized his, fear fertile
With the blood, of faith, and compassion!

May the, stains of passion, never die
Justice, can’t be, blind indifference
May the blood, of Kanakorn, never dry
For The, Penance Of, Jurisprudence!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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