Enigma Of Belief

Passion persists, in piety, of those
Who exalt, faith to, lunacy
Our God stands, on fear’s, stilettos
Are we myths, of a Prophet’s, prophecy!

To see, hear, feel, and understand
Is the chore, of cynics, believers
In the temples, made of, fog and sand
The limit, of faith, fear, God, blurs!

We call, it ‘trust’, in a mob, of façades
And ‘faith’, in a clan, of fanatics
‘Which one, is truer, of two, charades’
Is a, substance of, sheer semantics!

Is conjectured, our conviction
Ain’t prejudice, life’s, lone leitmotif!
From baptism, to, crucifixion
We live, to death, Enigma Of Belief!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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