Who Stole My Womb !!!

The fear, that farmed, my fertile faith
Is all, that lasts, in my, soul’s abyss
In my cradle, squeals an, unborn wraith
That mean, child of, Chinese injustice!

Islam for whom, is an, alien creed
And fear, hate, purge, its panacea
When they can’t, breed in you, socialism’s seed
They uproot, the farmsteads, of umma!

In ghettos, China gestates, diktat
In a, million mothers, not to be
“Democracy is, Communism’s doormat
Only, worth butchery, Uighur pedigree!”

While, world watches, our spectacle
Xinjiang becomes, an ethnic tomb
In this war, of faiths, existential
Impotent faith? Satan’s aplomb? Who Stole My Womb!!!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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