Vivid Vogue Of A Racist Rogue

“Alas! Brown votes, count too, in this age”
Resents, white prejudice, with outrage
If a, Frenchman’s fantasy, was Aladdin
Could brown parody, be a, white man’s sin!

Black blemishes, in, white fairy-tales
Of beasts, jinns, minions of, ‘lesser race’
White travesty of, black ethos’s, travails
Trudeau played out, with a, blasé brownface!

Ain’t whites, born with, black racist gene!
How can heritage, hide an, instinct’s flaw
That race, only reigns, which proves, “I am mean!”
With a, brazen bent, to sell its, ethnic awe!

Politics purely, is, chameleons’ creed
Trudeau is, opportunism’s, ideologue
Who changes shades, for his, selfish need
See Vivid Vogue, Of A, Racist Rogue!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra


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