No Sweet A Sin As September

vikas chandra

This, splendid, solar sorcery
Ever-longs, solstice, for equinox
Beyond love, and longing’s, camaraderie
Lay the, essence of, fall’s paradox!

The humus smells, of the, sweat of soil
When zephyr, dissolves it, in woods’ soul
Bleed tears, of sun, seed, farms fertile
With pregnant dreams, laboring, love’s toll!

Moon baptizes, in year’s, first mist
Form rots, in mirth, to a, new rebirth
Life, death, melt in, immortal tryst!
When hope resurrects, from the, soul of earth!

O’er grave, of fallen, forget-me-nots
Bloom on…, many a, lavender
A bard, drunken with, Utopian thoughts
No Sweet, A Sin, As September!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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