Is Islam’s Jihad, A Faith’s, Fear’s Façade !!!

Is “Allahu Akbar”, left, at last
With widows’ wails, Satan’s shibboleth
And a, dying azan, that gapes, aghast
At the faith, that resents, its every breath!

“How could, sin be, a sacred crusade
To kill kafirs, by the codes, of Quran
Who’re led, by fear, in faith’s masquerade” –
Alas! Enigma of, a fanatic clan!

There’s more, to it; their ‘cherished sins’
A devoutness, that, defeats, its cause
For the bait, of a six, dozen virgins
In the heaven, reigned by, Quranic laws!

Why smell, of rubble, seethes the soul
When blood, mingles in, dread and dust
A faith, heralds, hate’s hyperbole
In the, name of, ‘Martyrdom August’!

If jihad, only bonds, Muslim Brotherhood
From US ambush, to bloodbath, of Baghdad
Would the world, daresay, what it understood
Is Islam’s Jihad, A Faith’s Fear’s Façade!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra


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