The Leaves Of Fall

Time sows, the sin, of remembrance
To stir, pain’s psalm, in the, wild’s mystique
On a, pilgrimage, of senescence
Death leaves, behind, life’s lingering streak!

Who sprouted, from the womb, of spring
To fall, from grace, in September
Like broken beads, of a, rosary-string
O’er relics, of the, moor’s slumber!

What zephyr, whispers thru, the wild
The swan song, of, forget-me-nots
A widow wails, where a bride, once smiled
In the, cradle of death, life’s nightmare rots!

A fertile hope, each end, begets
And a yearning, every, lost recall
In the farm, of death, bloom life’s vignettes
Time’s martyrs all, The Leaves, Of Fall!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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