Enigma Of The Digital Age

George Boole, Babbage, Tim Berners Lee…
Did they, civilize the, human race!
In ‘bits’, lay strewn, our legacy
What we gained, lost, in this, digital chase!

Can’t it, be real, if it’s, not on net
From fad, to friendship, faith to fear
In this e-bazaar, which we, beget
We are, the ware, bought and, sold here!

Long-gone, love, liaisons, adultery
Every moment’s, a sin, o’er, net’s e-trysts
E-crime, is the passion, in this, e-spree
And our lives, scams of, digital alchemists!

This world wide web, is what, we weave
With knowledge, and, digital outrage
We are, propagandas, we believe
In The Enigma, Of The, Digital Age!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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