The Fear We Treasure In Our Hearts

Ever cries, in us, whose rhapsody
Did faith, instill, its sinful seed
Which grew, into a, Christmas tree
To nurture it, we bleed…, we bleed…..

If fear, is Satan, faith is God
Why fear, is faith’s, true enigma
In the sum, of life’s, equation flawed
We are, our own, coup d’état!

Whose being, we search, in our shadows
Walking alone, in a, phantoms’ throng
As the day, dies down, it grows, and grows
To whose, nightmare, we dwarfs belong!

Whose life, we live, with the, dread of death
Which faith, we clasp, till soul departs
Lie-laden breath, truth’s shibboleth!
Is The Fear, We Treasure, In Our Hearts!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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