Bolsonaro Loves His Infernos

One rages on…, in, Amazon’s wild
And the, other one, in President’s heart
Bolsonaro is, his, ego’s child
Who swears, by the pride, of Bonaparte!

He’d rather, have his, heritage burnt
Than douse, his heart, with a compromise
Why the world, should bear, his folly’s brunt
A man who, lives on, myths and lies!

Who sees, disgrace in, Macron’s aid
Politics, his creed, prejudice, his soul
O’er mother’s funeral, whose rodomontade
Sounds like, an obscene, hyperbole!

What a, brinksman does, for this state’s progress
Nurtures wastelands, where paradise grows
While the earth, chokes on…, he couldn’t care less
O’er worldly woes, Bolsonaro Loves His Infernos!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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