Manufactured Muslims Of Turkey

There’s, more to, Erdoğan’s diatribe
A millennium, of estranged, history
The lost Sultanate, of a, rootless tribe
Searching, faith’s relics, in fear’s debris!

The faith, which won them, in conquest
Is all…, their ethos, and pathos
What Ottomans left, as a, stark bequest
Present’s phantom,in, past’s stilettos!

A clan, at the crossroads, of its creed
In the, midst of, Asia and Europe
Traces, its being, to Mohammad’s seed
Baptized in, the blood of, faith’s fatwa!

Tayyip’s tyranny, ain’t, Atatürk’s dream
A brinksman, on a, quest murky
The race, he pushed, to the, faith’s extreme
Manufactured Muslims Of Turkey!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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