No God Was Born In Africa

vikas chandra

The land, that bore, the faith, of fear
Where a race, searched for, its Messiahs
On black hides, who etched, satire:
“You’re born, to chase God, Pariahs!”

So the, black ‘infidels’, redeemed their sin
With the, chains gifted, by the, white preachers
An ethos, screamed, with a, vain chagrin
“Why’s black faith, white man’s, conjecture!”

As though, not done with, Christ’s onslaught
They braced for, Mecca’s faith-conquests
Baptized in blood, a vanquished, race forgot
That faith, lost to, Prophets’ fear-fests!

Could barren, be, mankind’s cradle
To bear, fear chasing, faith’s fatwa
To Bible, Quran, lost a, land ‘infidel’
For, No God, Was Born, In Africa!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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