By-hearted Chapter And Its Verse

vikas chandra

Can there, be a, saintlier spectacle
Than, devout discourse, of that creed
Which is, lived to death, by a manual
A Prophet, bestowed, to his breed!

In this, faith’s frenzy, who ain’t welcome!
The cynics, heretics, and the infidels!
Do dare him, with your, faith-theorem
This suited cleric, in dogmas, who dwells!

In this, simple game, one truth prevails
By-hearted, by, faith’s specialist
Who devours, prudence, with, learnt fairy-tales
Once a convert, now an, alchemist!

Thus servitude, to, Arab doctrine
Is this, Jannat-seeker’s, universe
How fanatic, sells a farce, divine
By-hearted Chapter, And, Its Verse!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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