Jihadi Jaunt To The Tomb Of Peace

There are, few rules, to brinksmanship
Brinkswomen, play it, aah! so well!
More so when, pseudo-peaceniks’, catnip
Go on a, hate-mongering, carousel!

Since Democrats found, their liberal face
In, Inheritors of, jihadi clan
Never had Congress reared such disgrace
Cherished hate, for Jews, love for Taliban!

Lo and behold, enigma of, that dream
Stray pilgrims, call “America”
Whose faith’s régime, do some, blaspheme
With jihadi fear, and, fanatic fatwa!

Those who spent histories, despising Jews
Now pledge to profess amity’s homilies
Watch ‘Angel’s’ walk in Satan’s shoes
In Jihadi Jaunt, To The Tomb, Of Peace!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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