When Satans Roost In Allah’s Lair

Is “Allahu Akbar”, lone discourse
Of those, who sin, for Allah’s wish
Is talking, to demons, last recourse
To redeem peace, from a, breed boorish!

When the, faith outplays, premise of politics
Prejudice, is the only, rule followed
Blood spills, on streets, to etch epics
Of fear, and hate, at hope’s cross-road!

In its intrigue, of, Islamic State
Faith seems, to make, no compromise
‘Messiahs’ of, Afghanistan’s fate
Trade pious truths, of holy lies!

How fanatics fare, in faith’s, façade
With a pinch, of care, and a fistful, of fear
As Afghans, lose to, Taliban’s jihad
When Satans Roost In Allah’s Lair!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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