A Brinksman’s Bogus Statesmanship

Is a fluke, or myth, United States
That flaunts, hegemony, to the hilt
Its leaders’ pride, prejudice, dictates
With the, bricks of lies, its heritage built!

Strange here, dogmas of, democracy
Where wars, are waged, for Presidency
POTUS is, new, world’s Almighty
On Clinton’s tomb, Trump’s new graffiti!

Who else, can dare, to brazen, it out
If not, the one, with nuclear button
And the, juggernaut of, economic clout
He can, ravage nations, just for fun!

Trump is, neither first, nor shall, be last
False American God, which we, worship
For the pittance, of fear, and faith, aghast
In A Brinksman’s Bogus Statesmanship!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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