My Unvanquished Father Comes Back Home

Each morn, my Phoenix, kisses the sky
With a, fiery heart, and smoldering soul
Householder’s life, is a, lasting sigh
Torn between, halves of, a social whole!

He presses, a hope, on my, empty fist
And a, soulful kiss, o’er yearning cheek
To chase destiny, in, one more tryst
In the life’s, ruthless, hide and seek!

He fires, his toil, with blood, sweat, and tears
O’er half, a day, of timeless grind
Our dreams, he redeems, at the cost, of his fears
Until he’s ash, that’s left, behind!

Yet my Phoenix, rises from, his remains
With a soul, of steel, and heart, of loam
With the bread, baked in, pyre of pains
My Unvanquished Father, Comes Back Home!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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