Pseudo-Muslims With Zoroastrian Souls

vikas chandra

Still fire temples, smolder on…
Which the, Arab race, could not smother
In the, Persian souls, which dwell upon
Zoroastrian faith, Islam’s martyr!

When the Prophet, wrote to, King Khosrau
“Embrace Islam, or face, Allah’s wrath”
Did grand ethos, of Persia, know
Its end, and the start, of Islamic aftermath!

Who drew, more blood, his faith, did win
A timeless legacy, lost, to time
Some paid jizya, for their faith, now sin
Whilst most, embraced, slavery sublime!

Great era died, o’er new one’s, stains
Yet embers spark, when you scrape, old coals
Once Sunni, now, Shia Tribe, in chains
Linger Pseudo-Muslims With Zoroastrian Souls!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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