The Martyrs To American Dream

Crestfallen pilgrims’, caravans, to the, La-la Land
From the, umbilical cord, of Americas
Leaving abode, of, blood and sand
To land on, Trump’s chessboard, alas!

“These drifters, are akin, to snakes
‘Drugsters, gangsters’…, economic drain
Not worthy, of, American stakes
Democrats’ bane, Republicans’ pain!”

In the, game of, politics, prejudice
They are, unwary, pawns today
Who lost land, ethos, then justice
Stare at, a future, gone astray!

Who won, this bout, America lost
Whose grand legacy, did Trump blaspheme
Can’t help, but pay, with fear, faith’s cost
The Martyrs To American Dream!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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