The Iran Enigma

From conversion, at the point, of sword
To the, Shia sin, cradled to faith
Who Satan loved, Allah abhorred
Iran is a, tomb of, rootless wraith!

The day, it renounced, its heritage
Thereon began, its being, orthodox
Zoroastrians, now Muslims, had to wage
A war, with past, and present’s paradox!

Why’s looming large, this ‘world menace’
Run by clerics, thru their, string-puppets
Ever outraged, looks, this ‘rabid race’
Entrapped in past, and, present’s debts!

Was it Allah’s boon, its crude-windfall!
Amid, Trump’s coup d’état, and faith’s fatwa
Flows blood, from earth, like a bane, after all
The truthful lie, of The Iran Enigma!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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