A Tired Terrorist’s Diatribe

“One more jihad, for ummah’s sake”
His faith, founded on, kafirs’ fear
Is Ayman, a worn-out, vanquished Sheikh
A quixotic, caliphate’s, lingering souvenir!

“Alas! Osama’s lost grandeur! When dollars flowed, from Mecca’s chest
There was plenty, to pay, for gore
Muslim Brotherhood, is that, blood-fest
Which made Islam, fear’s metaphor!”

“From Syrian sin, to Parisian bloodbath
We razed Lanka, for New Zealand…
Islam is not, jihad’s aftermath
But fear’s caliphate, made of, blood and sand!”

His rhetoric, of a, lost conquest
Echoes, the ethos, of that tribe
Who made, their faith, fear’s lasting quest
A Tired Terrorist’s Diatribe!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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