The Woman In The Wood

Who looms, upon that, alpine stump
Which ethos’, amorphous conjecture
Some call her, “Wife of Donald Trump”
Some taunt “Slovenian caricature”!

She is parody, of that, First Lady
Who duped, the dreams, of a, million souls
Was not, she too, once a refugee
In a land, run over, by hate-patrols!

A deaf, dumb, blind, and vain, graffiti
Prettifies White House, with glam, and vogue
American dream’s, poster girl’s, rhapsody
Was as, real then, as it is, now rogue!

Never seen, in wilds, such a spectacle
Now grows, dead pride, where once, life stood
To a, vainglorious child, her mother’s rebuttal
Lo and behold, The Woman In The Wood!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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