Could There Be Bliss Purer Than This !

Love’s labors reared, by tears, of sun
That hay, we baked, thru summer spells
Where heart, soul, sing in unison
The psalm of life, in the soil, which dwells!

Which spirit, spills from, heavens azure
That fills, with love, lone moorland’s heart
Sweat-laden souls, learn to, conjure
From trampled dust, sin of Mozart!

Where distances are, not that, far
Across the, verdant, timelessness
You can grasp, the rainbow, wish on a star
And pluck, any dream, from sky’s duress!

Better be, a hearth, in a, nameless yard
Than a ripple, lost in, time’s abyss
True beauty, beyond the bent, of a bard
Could There, Be Bliss, Purer Than This!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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