Her Heart, His Harem

In the, barter of, two royalties
A lass, lost out, to a, Sheikh’s intrigue
With dreams, scripted o’er, trade treaties
Power was, the pride, of this, Love League!

Their life, which was, world’s center-spread
Was all, but, what ever, met the eye
A queen, on throne, and a wife, in bed
Was a dream, captive in, a gilded lie!

Her Utopia, built with, fog and sand
Did give in, to, time’s travesty
An elegant dame, braved a, misery grand
To be, fugitive of, her destiny!

Sheikh bought, a doll, who’d no more play
Machismo’s games, in his, love’s stratagem
Two realms’ between, lost a dream, astray
Her Heart, His Harem!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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