That Dame In The Cam

In the rendezvous, between shame, and sin
Bedizened are, grey shades, of night
She serves buffet, o’er salver, of her skin
Lay bare, to the bone, digital delight!

In the, modern times, thru digital eyes
Dealings are done, of love, and lust
Every sensual ‘vice’, pays a, special price
In the E-bazaar, laid in, debauchery’s dust!

In machismo’s whims, masochistic games
She plays, them out, with a, flagrant flair
In the fests, of flesh, prejudice proclaims:
“Woman is, slave to, man’s sadistic despair”!

Paid by, the minute, why would, she resent
The price, of sin, and cost, of glam
Lives, dies, skin’s sins, to her, heart’s content
Digital Dreams’ Madame, That Dame In The Cam!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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