Abloom Is Love In The Heart Of Pain

Sweetest remembrance, is of, fall
When yearnings, sprout on, rustling sin
Never wanes, pain’s graffiti, on my wall
Love’s travesty, yet heart, believes in!

Why moth, succumbs to, flame’s deceit
Whilst phoenix, lives on…, one more day
Why cupid, reigns from, Satan’s seat
Love lasts, to be, passion’s melee!

Which faith, bled on, the crucifix
Whose labor, lost in, Troy’s dust
One truth, triumphed in, both epics
Love is, the passion, and the lust!

Hope’s flame, is kindled, by the storm
Life’s psalm, glorifies the, human stain
In the, frigid world, glows, faith’s blessing warm
Abloom Is Love, In The Heart, Of Pain!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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