Our Prophets Ain’t Beyond Our Guiles

That age, of ‘Truth’, belies divine ‘Lies’
When walked, on earth, ‘Faith’s Messiahs’
Could greater, than, their sacrifice
Be the ethos, of us, ‘pariahs’!

Who split, the sea, and bore, the cross
And fought battles, for reign, of ‘peace’
Who taught, to us, our inborn flaws
Weren’t they, beyond, human caprice!

“There is, no faith, beyond its fear
Nor God, beyond, manhood’s dictate”
They bequeathed, us, a sin austere
Aftermath, of holy, prejudice, and hate!

Millenniums died, not, their decree
They transcended, our moral trials
Whose hypocrisy, can’t be heresy
Our Prophets, Ain’t, Beyond Our Guiles

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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