The Boy Who Cries In Me All Night

Where break, the bounds, of my belief
I find, my being’s, lost facsimile
Clenching a, dripping, handkerchief
With a grumble, “Why you, disowned me”!

Since long, I lost, that lullaby
Which suckled, him to, solace and sleep
He glares, at me, my barefaced lie
“Never was, satire, a mile long, deep!”

“Better me alone, than you, in mob
Blighted by, social sacraments
Indentured to, life’s, thankless job
With the, fear of God, your faith invents!”

I fumble through, myself, for him
Like the longing, for life’s, long-lost kite
Timeless enigma, of time’s pilgrim
The Boy, Who Cries, In Me, All Night!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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