Joy’s Riot By The Placid Sea

The bliss bursting, from the, surf of salt
The mermaids’ moan, at the, unquenched shore
And amidst, the two, a ‘sweet assault’
Riding, o’er waves, insolence galore!

Untethered dreams, of, sail-less boats
Take on, the tides, cradled by time
With songs, of spree, naïve anecdotes
They live, and love, life’s sin sublime!

Like a, rainbow’s scattered, rosary beads
They’re, the psalms, of joie de vivre
In the farms, of faith, hope’s lasting seeds
Amidst, life’s washouts, fortitude’s chutzpa!

When twilight wreaks, phantoms of fear
They light up, like a, Christmas tree
Amidst tides, of life, and death’s despair
Joy’s Riot By, The Placid Sea!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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