Murtaja’s Faith Is Saudi Fear

vikas chandra

Stay tuned, to the, Saudi spectacle
Looming crucifixion, at, Mecca Square
Why’re, Shias’ sighs, so heretical
For a, Sunni regime, so hard, to bear!

The clan, of Saud, where writes, its laws
In Shias’ blood, o’er shroud, of faith
Neither Quran’s fault, nor, Sharia’s flaws
Who made Murtaja, a walking wraith!

At 10, who led, mob of urchins
Is a, strange menace, to a, mighty regime
Democracy, human-rights, for whom, are sins
At 18, Murtaja is, a nation’s, dying dream!

Khashoggi slaughtered, Murtaja is next
Trump, Theresa, do not, dare to care
World betrayed, an ethos, on a, vain pretext
For Murtaja’s Faith, Is Saudi Fear!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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