D-Days Are No Promises Of Peace

Was it, a war, to end, the rest
Or make martyrs, of a, million men
Redemption means, ‘A grand, blood-fest’
When Faith, calls Fear, ‘Last Hope, Amen!’

Whom states dispatched, to the, battleground
Were men drunken, with their, nation’s pride
Who learnt, bloodshed, is a, pain profound
Vain martyrdom, death glorified!

Who Hitler was; where’s Normandy!
How a, mad man shook, global ethos!
Did they, not know, hate’s a polity!
And war, is a, manufactured chaos!

Did it ever, end then, when, ‘smiling statesmen’
O’er martyrs’ tomb, signed, trifling treaties
But bloodbaths, go on, time and again
D-Days Are No, Promises Of Peace!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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