Could Bohemian More Be Rhapsody !!!

vikas chandra

Ever heard, of a, ‘drunken adventure’
Whose substance, was, pure psychosis
Of a gay’s labor, to decipher:
“Abyss is, this world; world is, in abyss”!

Why be martyr, song or, poetry
To an icon’s, poignant, balderdash!
Should the world, be sold on, that mystery
Which is a myth, of a ‘man, on hash’!

It’s the paradox, of the, western world
Which weighs, passion, beyond its worth
They deify, to death, a genius absurd
Who proves, to them, their rationale’s dearth!

At higher octaves, if you, could bray
Your music’s, piteous parody
World would, stop by, to say, one day
“Could Bohemian More Be Rhapsody!”

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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