A Democracy Made Of Fog And Sand

vikas chandra

“Why freedom’s cost, be a, state’s outrage!!”
This tomb resents, in the throes, of time
Stained with, bloodbath, of an age
Tiananmen is, socialist sin’s, paradigm!

No greater treachery, than, Lenin’s legacy
Which Mao, baptized in, Chinese gore
His faith, in fear, of democracy
Outlasted, Stalin’s, Marxist metaphor!

Deng’s thousand slaughters; could they end
A nation’s, quest for, salvation
Is the fury left, in its veins, to spend
Last drop, of blood, in revolution!

Who failed those, million mutinies!
Communism vanquished, with, iron hand
Alas! May last, through histories
A Democracy Made Of Fog And Sand

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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